Who we are

Director: Glen Duncan, PhD, duncag@uw.edu, 206-616-2680

Scientific Operations Manager: Ally Avery, BA, allya@uw.edu, 206-543-0870


UW Twin Registry Faculty

The UW Twin Registry faculty and Scientific Operations Manager are responsible for the overall management of the Registry and fiscal oversight, protection of participants’ rights to privacy and confidentiality, implementation and adherence to the UW Twin Registry policies and procedures, and logistical and scientific oversight of the studies involving Registry participants.

UW Twin Registry Faculty Members

Dedra Buchwald, MD

Glen Duncan, PhD

Eric Strachan, PhD

Niloo Afari, PhD

Nate Watson, MD

Ellen Schur, MD


Ad-hoc Scientific Advisory Committee

UW Twin Registry affiliated faculty may also rely on input from an ad-hoc group of experts who will be sought to serve in an advisory role (ad-hoc Scientific Advisory Committee, SAC). Members of the SAC may be asked to review applications for use of the Registry and provide feedback on logistics and implementation. In addition, the SAC may consult with UW Twin Registry affiliated faculty on all matters relevant to the Registry, including but not limited to fiscal matters, recruitment and retention of Registry members, management of data and biorepositories, development of the Registry’s research portfolio, and other long-term planning.